A Hive Of Industry.

IMG_4233A quick acrylic sketch for a Sunday hangover.  Painted from an old picture of my twins, Archie & Amelia, at Woolacombe, one of our fantastic local beaches here in North Devon, England.  Painted onto a canvas board 300mm x 250mm.


Pictures At An Exhibition….

IMG_4225Tiz me at the Instow Yacht Club annual RNLI exhibition.  Looking like a character from The Grapes Of Wrath straight from work. Hopefully I can manage to sell at least one picture to keep me in paints and brushes, so if you live close to Instow in North Devon please come along and have a look.  Lots of paintings, jewelry, ceramics & textiles.  Sadly no paintings sold but managed to part with a few prints, that’s showbiz.  AL

Rising Tide At Fremington Quay.


Watercolour painting of Fremington Quay in North Devon, England. A day of my first fishing trip with my son Archie aged 14. It’s safe to say that not a single creature was hurt in the making of this day. This is painted using my own prepared Bideford Black a pigment found on the North Devon Coast. This was not a drawn out affair as I’m trying to free up and freshen my work. Dimensions are 340mm x 480mm on handmade paper.

Blackpool Beach near Hartland.


final image - Copy copy

An acrylic on canvas painting 750mm x 500mm.  If you travel to Hartland Abbey in North Devon you can park and then walk down to Blackpool Beach  it’s a pebbly beach with some wonderful formations and waterfalls.  Near to the beach is a wonderful cottage which used in the films, Sense and Sensibility, The Night Manager and The Shell Seekers.  I particularly liked the midday sun, shadows and tidal pool.  I quite think the distance looks a little sci fi.  Al

A Linhay on Braunton Marsh.


A wonderful cycle ride around the Braunton Marsh today. Autumn coming although the warmth is still there. Quite idyllic in many ways taking time to sit and watch sticklebacks in the crystal clear streams. Watching a kestrel annoy a large buzzard in the blue sky. More pictures for reference taken to paint through the incoming winter nights. Beneath is a previous painting of the same scene completed earlier this year. I think you can see nature gradually taking over again. Al



IMG_3556I’ve taken a break from producing landscapes and revisiting portraiture.  This is of the iconic Ronnie Wood, ex Faces now a Rolling Stone.  I quite like the tabletop and his Converse shoes.  I remember being left hundreds of old Melody Maker & Disc magazines from the 60s & 70s.  Always thought Ronnie and Co were stylish dressers I remember one particular picture with Ronnie wearing black & white zebra striped flares, stack shoes and a sulphur yellow blazer playing with the Faces.   Painted in acrylic on canvas and dimensions are 900mm x 600mm.  Original image from Getty & Google Images.

Barn on the Braunton Marsh.


A rather large attempt and painting an acrylic on canvas (700mm x 500mm).   I’ve tried to paint the clear water and perhaps a few sticklebacks but not too certain whether I’ve actually captured the scene.  It’s not at all ‘arty’ but rather more illustrative.  The more I try to paint freely the more it becomes a rather heartless affair.  I  constantly struggle to achieve a freeness of stroke but usually fall back into my old ways.  Anyway here it is and I’ve now become fed up with it, I just had to see it through so to speak.  Perhaps a few minor tweaks but time to learn and move on….AL


The linhay on the marsh.

Finished acrylic of Hut On The Burrows 405mm x 510mm).  Another painting of the hut on Braunton Burrows North Devon.  Just love this place and have spent recent hours watching the sticklebacks playing in the stream, which is called the boundary drain.  Still liking the cow parsley!  The last picture shows another picture of the same hut I painted during the winter wit early morning dew and ice on the water.

The linhays are another interesting feature of the Marshes. They were constructed as shelters for numerous cattle and almost all of them appear to have been built by the time of the 1842 tithe map. No two barns are the same, although most are of square or rectangular shape.  Some have become dilapidated but around 30 still stand today. The one which attracts the most attention is the round linhay, a grade II listed building on the edge of the inner marsh road, which has been thatched and provides endless photographic opportunities.  This excerpt is by Rowland Dibble on the Explore Braunton Website which is well worth a visit.

http://www.explorebraunton.org/linhays.aspx .


Dunster & Castle.

A hot father’s day visiting Dunster in Somerset, England.  Dunster has a wonderfully intact yarn market building and cracking cream teas.  The temperature today levelled off at 33° and the heat began to melt the tar on some roads.  We visited the castle and grounds.  The walk beside the stream to the old mill proved very cool and under the shady trees gunneras with their prehistoric leaves created a welcoming shade.  In a distant field we could see and archery tournament underway which looked quite impressive against the backdrop of the castle.  Finally the day proved too uncomfortable for an ill prepared family and we returned to the village and ate a hearty cream tea with Earl Grey Tea.  Al