Cobbaton nr Codden Hill.

13072629_10156866824910717_8606620046189305823_oA picture taken last year on the small roads in North Devon.  Loved this tree and the water highlighting the road ahead.  I think perhaps the use of some more Bideford Black will be in order.  Al

A quick preparatory sketch exploring the tones and contrasts.  It took about 45 mins using charcoal, Bideford Black, pastel & titanium white.  Also a little scraping with a surgical scalpel.


Durdle Door in Dorset.

A wonderful afternoon spent at Durdle Door in Dorset England.  Warm spring sunshine and clear blue skies, although in a lot of places in England there was heavy rain.  It appears that this area a Dorset has a microclimate that promotes clement weather.  On one side of the rock is Durdle Door with it’s famous stone arch and on the other Man Of War Bay.  After a few visits I think I prefer the latter.  To get there don’t go to Lulworth Cove and walk, go up to the campsite on the hill and walk down it’s a much shorter walk. Al  ps Paintings to follow!

A boy and a puddle; a journey in wellies. 


A study in my own Bideford Black of a friend’s picture of her son.  Entitled A boy and a puddle: a journey in wellies.  Loved the composition a little like a previous picture of mine of a boy on Camden Lock in the 70s, also on this webpage.  Overall this painting took about an hour and a half still trying to achieve a more spontaneous kind of composition so every study I do at the moment has to be time constrained.  Just trying to escape my illustrator/draughtsman training and background.  Al

Braunton Burrows with cowparsley.

Braunton Burrows acrylic sketch 16″ X 16″.  Just getting back to painting after a break of three weeks.  I’m getting a bit disillusioned about my work at the moment so instead of not painting I decided to complete a quick timed sketch.  Not sure about this one but I’ll let it live on me a while.  Oh well on with the next … Al

John Lennon

17799928_1429052633812132_1822781719023522886_nThis painting was completed in the early 70s.  I must have been about 14 years old.  This was completed at school using gum arabic masking and gouache paints.  Only found this the other day in my mother’s attic a shame about the small tear but pleased to see it again.  Al