Backroads of Bishops Tawton.

28468780_1763199133730812_2859143352826367454_nA pair of 610 x 610mm acylics on gesso board.  Al


Road to Bishops Tawton.

IMG_5053 copyAnother painting inspired from a trip to the back and beyond of Bishops Tawton nr Barnstaple, North Devon.  Just love that stark winter light and reflections in the puddles on the roadside.  Experimenting with a muted palette here consisting of Paynes Grey, Coeruleum Blue, Yellow Green, Raw Umber, Titanium White, Flesh Tint & Raw Sienna.  Just can’t wait for that spring warmth and sunshine to arrive.  Mixed media of acrylic and pencil on gesso board 610 x 610mm. AL


Backroad to Bishops Tawton.

IMG_5033 copyWent to collect a shoe rack from a couple in the back and beyonds of Bishops Tawton nr Barnstaple.  After getting rather lost on a few detours I found them and collected said shoe rack.  On the way back to the main road I had to stop the car and take a few photographs of weird and wonderful trees.  This one with it’s water swamped road caught my attention.  Love the skies reflection and decided to make the tree somewhat cephelopodic in shape.  Acrylic & pencil on gesso panel 610 x 610mm.  More trees to come.  Al


Winter On The Marsh.

IMG_4949 copyAn acrylic on canvas 600 x 900mm.  After a cycle ride around Saunton and Crow Point I returned to this Linhay on the Braunton Marsh.  I like to sit and sketch and watch the sticklebacks swim in the clear waters of the drain.  Not today it’s freezing.  This scene shows the stark winter sun receding behind a bank of grey rainclouds.  Time to cycle back to Barnstaple as the warmth of the sun has gone.  AL

The Tollhouse.

IMG_4915 copyThe Tollhouse which leads to Crow Point in North Devon.  Acrylic on canvas 900 x 600mm.  I’ve tried to catch the moment when the neon bright winter sun disappears behind a heavy bank of dark rain clouds.  It the moment when everything is bathed in stark light but the background is heavy with weather.  Funny how all the birds go quiet in such atmosphere as if there was an impending aclipse.  Al


On the Braunton Marsh.

duck on the marshPen & Ink drawing of a duck on the Braunton Marsh 320 x 260mm.  At the moment this wonderful habitat to wildlife and beautiful area of Braunton is under threat as a dyke has broken down and the sea in moving inland.  The Braunton Marshes are a hidden asset of North Devon supporting wildlife of national and international importance. It’s now under imminent serious threat. An environmental disaster is looming on the horizon due to a sea breach of great significance unless immediate action is undertaken by relevant parties.

Please visit the Facebook page, Friends of Braunton Marsh

Please also sign the petition please.  visit


Tarr Steps on Exmoor.

Tarr Stepps.

Acrylic on canvas 400 x 500mm.

Tarr Steps in the Exmoor National Park.  The Tarr Steps are a clapper bridge across the River Barle in the Exmoor National Park, Somerset, England. They are located in a national nature reserve about 2.5 miles south east of Withypool and 4 miles north west of Dulverton.

A typical clapper bridge construction, the bridge’s listing assesses it as medieval in origin. The stone slabs weigh up to two tons each. According to local legend, they were placed by the devil that he might sunbathe. The bridge is 180 feet (55 m) long and has 17 spans.  It has been designated by English Heritage as a grade I listed building and Ancient Monument.

Half of the bridge was washed away by the river whilst heavily swollen by rain in December 2012 and was re-assembled. It was damaged again in November 2016 and has been repaired again by Somerset County Council.

Autumn sun in the Doone Valley.

Doone ValleyAfter a walk on Exmoor and an iPhone shot this is the result.   A pen & ink sketch of a scene along the walk.  I loved the stark brightness of the Autumn sun and decided to draw what I saw.  The highlights along the path really stand out this time of year.  This will be printed as a limited edition as seen below.  A few adjustments have been made and the sun’s shine has been made more circular.  Al