Wave Study.

IMG_6023A painting of a wave made in the beautiful weather we’re having at the moment.  I decided to produce a timed study to try and loosen up my work.  Hassled by horseflies and heat I came up with a partially successful composition.  Sadly  I decided to make a few adjustments a few days later and managed to lose the spontaneity and freshness.  It was discarded, the canvas broken and thrown away.  You win some you lose some and you learn!  It’s all part of the stressful  and creative process that people don’t consider when they purchase your work.  Al


Storm Approaching Woolacombe Beach.

P1000810A Sunday spent on Woolacombe Beach and as the sky changed colour the humidity seemed to rise and there became a closeness.  As the sky became dark the sunlight shone through the waves and illuminated them from within.  Taken on my pocket camera and later finished in the studio.  Acrylic on watercolour paper 470 x 620mm.

Leaving Tavistock.

IMG_5774Leaving Tavistock.  When you leave Tavy and head back towards North Devon you approach a stretch of road with chimneys of old tin mines in a valley to your right.  On a trip back from a weekend in Plymouth I glanced into my car mirror and glimpsed this view.  I quickly pulled into a layby and with just a biro sketched this image and made a few colour notes on a scrap of paper.  This pure watercolour was painted in July 2003, fifteen years ago, and still remains one of my own favourite picture for which I’m immensely proud.  It is still in my own collection.  Al

Pyramid Stage No3.

IMG_5659 copy copy
A large canvas 48″ x 30″ acrylic.  The third in my Glastonbury Festival pictures.  A large composition for my room.  Love this image from Matt Cardy the photographer of Coldplay in full action on the Pyramid Stage.  This painting was photographed on my iPhone although titanium white becomes too pronounced and other subtle colours lost.  A useful lesson learnt here was Paynes Grey; it varies greatly from company to company!  I usually use Liquidex but ran out and used Cryla instead.  Wrong…Cryla’s colour was brown and looked quite dirty compared to the blue/black of Liquidex, see below for colour comparison.  You live and learn.  For prominent colours don’t change mid painting!   Al

Croyde Bay

IMG_5577 copy
Croyde Bay.  Acrylic on panel 600 x 600mm.  Caught sight of the sun breaking through the spring foliage and loved the play of light on the grass.  This is a view you would see if you left Ruda Holiday Park and walked through the back way to the Thatch Pub in Croyde Village.  Haven’t painted for about three weeks and found this a little warm up painting for another large Glastonbury painting!  Al

Blue Pyramid.

IMG_5398 copyJust another large 100 x 100cm canvas with oils.  This time on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival.  I don’t think that oils are quite my forte so I will probably return to acrylics.  Oddly enough the previous Red Pyramid, and this Blue Pyramid are of the same band on different festivals 2011 & 2016. Al

IMG_E540630123845_1797732700277455_2819533366952124041_n copy


In the Blue Pyramid I’ve added some lasers with photoshop to see if they’d enhance the final painting.  I’m just waiting for it to dry just to make some final adjustments.





IMG_5136A large canvas of my daughter Amelia in acrylic 100 x 100cm.  The background was taken from Drew Struzan’s album cover Blam for the Brothers Johnson.  Really enjoyed this composition so perhaps more portraits in the offing.  A friend of mine said that perhaps a large picture of the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, but i’m thinking perhaps one of Bowie.  Al