Sugar! More Sodding Sugar!









Now the sugar debate is hotting up today on the news. So today i’ve been curious about what is going down my oesophagus so here goes. I drink at the moment organic beetroot juice, on the lable it says that it’s 9g of sugar in 100ml. The bottle is 750ml that makes it 67.5g per bottle. If a teaspoon holds 4g of sugar this bottle has approx 17 teaspoons of sugar in it. Surely that’s not all natural sugar?

I then looked at sugar in a litre of organic orange juice,10g per 100ml. That contains 25 teaspoons.
Coca Cola has 39g of sugar per can that’s nearly 10 teaspoons of sugar per can.
They con you by saying that the sugar is natural from organic fruit yes it is but concentrated organic sugar to boost the sweetness.
Natural orange juice has 4 teaspoons of sugar per litre.
I then looked at the pooter and the internet…
A bottle a Ribena is equivalent to eating 13 Oreo Cookies.
An Innocent Smoothie is equal to eating 3.5 doughnuts.
Burger King Coke = 9 Penguin Milk Chocolate Bars.
Starbucks Chocolate Mocha = 10 bowls of golden grahams.
Lucozade = 2 large Magnum icecreams.

The good news there’s only a quarter of a teaspoon in a small glass of red wine. Prosecceeo has 1g of sugar per glass. 1 can of coke = 2 bottles of red wine. But a glass of red wine does contain 228 calories equal to eating a large bar of chocolate. But Prosecceeo is far less calorific than wine. So girls get on the Prosecceeo!!!!!

So now i’ll remember that one teaspoon is equal to 4g sugar. Don’t get conned by the per 100ml smoke screen see how many teaspoons there is per bottle or can in total. Just in town today I read loads of bottles of fruit juices many of them had more sugar than that devilish can of Coca Cola. Even some naturel water contains high levels of added sugar. There’s secret sugar in most drinks and food so just start to think what you’re draining down your oesophaguses.


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