IMG_1129 copy copyThis painting is inspired by a visit to Glastonbury Tor.  We were present when we witnessed a heartfelt funeral for Sunbird, a tribal activist who ran the Earth Heart Cafe at many festivals.  He had been killed in a car accident near Switzerland.  The congregation did a Dragon Roar and when they did so a raven hovered over the Tor!  This painting is dedicated to Sunbird and also to anyone who applied for Glastonbury tickets and failed.  Al

I was going to bin this canvas and decided to wipe it off to try and recover the canvas.  But at I wiped it created a rather appealing effect (top right).  This I decided to continue with and partially retrieved the composition.


Blackpool Beach.

DBA7519D-CFE4-409C-A8E1-0A4A1D8BA07APerhaps a venture into prints. A painting from a few years ago of Blackpool Beach near Hartland in North Devon. Original on the left and the print on the right.   Print price £50 excluding postage. Al

78CCC957-2288-4620-AE33-E59AD9F4F86BBlue Pyramid from my Glastonbury Festival series. Looking forward to working there again in 2019.  Print price £40 excluding postage.  Al

Sunset Over Ashford.

IMG_E0684 - CopyA move in the right direction technique wise.  Never tried painting a sunset and rarely see a full one now because Pilton Village is blocked from such things.  I’m still attempting to freshen things up and become more spontaneous and gladly this is going that way.  This is Ashford Strand near Heanton in North Devon, on the River Taw.  In the distance is Fremington Quay.  I fished here as a boy and now you can drink coffee at the Riverside Cafe and eat at the Braunton Inn which used to be Heanton Court.  This is oil on 36 x 36″ canvas.  Al



Pyramid Fire.

IMG_0548 copyThe latest in the Glastonbury Festival series.  Oil on canvas 36 x 36″.  I usually work at the festival with the recycling crew and thoroughly enjoy the week but this year it’s sadly not on, so instead of going i’ve painted.  This is a commission piece but hopefully the new owner will allow me to run off some prints.  Al