The Haunted House.

IMG_0105 (2)Last Bideford Black painting for a while.  This is of the famous Seafield House at Westward Ho in North Devon.  Always love looking at this building with its decay and mystery.  Recently a local businessman has purchased this so it will be interesting to see what happens.  If you are interested here is a video tour of the inside of this building


Heading into a storm on the M5.

IMG_1961On the way home from a boozy weekend in Bristol when we approached junction 25.  In the distance we could see storm clouds approaching as we left the sunshine of a Sunday afternoon.  My wife was driving so I took some pictures on my iPhone.  This result was sketched using my own prepared Bideford Black on Bockingford paper.  600 x 340mm.  Al

Hercules over Saunton Sands.

IMG_1868Whilst walking around Croyde and Saunton searching for a little artistic inspiration I noticed fire tenders from RAF Chivenor on Saunton Beach.  On enquiry I discovered that a Hercules C130J was going to practise take off and landings.  After a few cups of tea and then venturing down the beach I witnessed the wonderful spectacle of a Hercules undergoing Tactical Operations.  From my photographs taken that evening I’ve painted this acrylic on canvas impression.  Canvas size 36  x 36″.  Al

Below are a few paint palette abstracts used during the painting of this image.


Ferry to Appledore.

4c313fec-82ac-4206-9149-22127c9edbbdAn acrylic on gesso panel of the River Torridge looking toward Appledore.  A couple of years ago we had a wonderful summer and the waters around our coast became crystal clear.  This was painted from an iPhone picture whilst taking the Instow Ferry to a beer festival across the water.  As we left Instow Quay we immediately saw throught the clear water to the bottom with fish swimming by.  A great memory and a great night at the Appledore Hall 400 x 400mm.

The hill above Saunton.

img_1674An experiment in acrylic painting techniques that I’ve discovered on Youtube.  The use of paper dabbing, ragging, sgraffito and sandpaper, I’ve even used a surgical scalpel.  The aim is to created many transparent layers to great depth and texture.  This image is a view from the top of Saunton Hill looking out over Saunton Sands and on to the distant Westward Ho.  You get that wonderful glow of cadmium yellow Gorse flowers during the year which is always a striking scene.  This painting is a mixed media using acrylic, wax and watercolour pencils.  The surface is an MDF panel measuring 400 x 400mm covered in a coarse gesso brushwork.  It’s been a fun day.  Al

Bradiford Village.

img_1653A pen and ink sketch/drawing of the lovely village Bradiford in Barnstaple, North Devon.  We lived there for twenty three years and our cottage was the third one down on the left hand side.  I used to walk with my twins out towards Manning’s Pit a wonderful stretch of countryside with idyllic stream called Bradiford Water.  Sadly this is now in danger of crude development for housing.  A very sad loss to the community if planning goes ahead.  Al

Along the boardwalk to the beach.

img_1649Another painting in Bideford Black paint with some added sgraffito, picture size 610 x 440mm on Bockingford paper.  This was painted after a visit to Crow Point in North Devon.  After driving along a toll road you park and walk along this boardwalk to the point where you usually get the beach to yourself.  This beach gives you wonderful views of Instow, Appledore and Westward Ho due to its position at the entrance to both Torridge and Taw Estuaries.  Spend many happy times here building driftwood fires and watching the sunsets.  Al