Castle Rock.

Hurricane Dennis forces me to stop fer the day!

First stages of a large 48 x 20″ panorama on gesso panel. An acrylic of Castle Rock at The Valley of Rocks near Lynton in North Devon. Love the rugged coastline and rocks here. Climbed here too! Let’s see just how this one turns out! Al

View from Bossington Hill

I’m still in the painting and creativity doldrums so today I forced myself to sit down and take two hours to paint a picture. Not necessarily for sale but just to start the juices flowing again. Well I’m not there yet but at least it’s a start in 2020.
Last week I decided to cross over from Devon into Somerset and first visit Porlock (by the way Mrs Jackson’s Victorian Tearooms homemade crumpets are to die for) and then to complete a circular walk around Bossington Hill. This is a wonderful winter’s scene I saw in full sunlight. Al

The Lamb Lies Down At Taddiport.

Inspired by The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, by Genesis!

Another trip out to the old Dairy Crest building in Taddiport, nr Torrington, North Devon! My son Archie required more pictures for his end of term exams and here we were. I managed to chat to one of the grafitti artists at work here as he prepared another wall for a composition! There is some fantastic work here so if you’re near pop in and have a look at North Devon’s most original Contemporary Art Installation! Al

The Hong Kong 2014 Revolution.

A friend of mine who lives in Hong Kong posted the image on the left during the 2014 Umbrella Revolution. I liked the image so much he sent it to me a few days later and now takes pride of place in our hallway! Signed 14:10:2014 Takey Chan. Below are more pieces from that protest!

The name ‘Umbrella Revolution‘ was coined by Adam Cotton on Twitter on 26 September 2014, in reference to the umbrellas used for defence against police pepper spray, and quickly gained widespread acceptance after appearing in an article in The Independent on 28 September reporting the use of teargas against protesters!

2019 the end of a busy year!

Well it’s the end of a rather busy year with many new friends and contacts made. I’ve broadened horizons and am very appreciative to the people who’ve visited my exhibitions and purchase some of my artistic anxieties!

I’d like to thank Josie Lloyd for inviting me to the wonderful Hatherleigh Festival and to Alan Beaman for allowing me to exhibit at Commerce House, see you next year as a visitor. Love staying in Hatherleigh, a special place!
Than you to Peter Stiles and the Plough Arts Centre for allowing me to exhibit on your artist’s wall. Perhaps one day upstairs?
Thanks to Stella Levy for the encouragement, to North Devon Art Trek and allowing me to be part of the final night at the White Moose Gallery, a sad loss to North Devon!
A special thank you to Adrian Beasley for arranging and providing some forward drive with regard photography and art exhibitions.
To the Pilton Arts Group for allowing me to exhibit during the North Devon Art Trek!
To the Burton Gallery in Bideford for choosing me to be a small part of their Christmas Exhibition.
Finally, a great thank you for the encouragement, purchases and positivity from everyone who knows me and my work. Not too sure what 2020 will bring but hopefully more of what happened in 2019! Al

Barricane Beach.

On the back of one of my recent watercolour paintings I’ve found half of this old watercolour sketch of Barricane Beach. I’ve reused the paper after cutting this original image in half. This is a photoshop repair of a failed attempt!

Barricane is a picturesque cove tucked in between the rocks, famous for cowries and other exotic shells sought out by children and adults alike. For many years this secluded beach was a locals secret hidaway but recently the word has got out. In the summer there is a food hut that sells curries and tea in china mugs. Sadly a few visitors and locals alike bestow the beach in rubbish, bottles and discarded BBQs. It was our Secret Heaven!


Deep green and distant islands
I have been off Ban Pae Pier.
Where the salt white sands are bleached,
And the water’s crystal clear.
Sweeping shadows of the palm trees,
Open fingers brush the shore.
Band of grey approaching thunder,
Monsoon rain a little more.

Without care for tortured world
We bronzed our thoughts away.
Cosmopolitan games of volleyball,
Oriental Eden made for play.
Beachside huts now mute and toppled,
No more bucks from Uncle Sam.
My friends have now gone elsewhere,
Have they gone to Vietnam?

Korean families with their beach craft,
Who’ve discovered Diamond Sands.
While away their humid moments,
Where a noisy jet ski lands.
My uncovered secret heaven
Was impossible to hide.
Speeding years and aging faces,
From those memories we cried.

Why couldn’t it last forever?
Tearful dreams of carefree days.
Fleeting moments of impermanence,
They’re our lives the Buddha says.
So now it’s time to move along,
Relieved so one pretends.
Now I’ll sit alone and drink awhile,
To the ghosts of dancing friends.