Saunton After The Storm.

IMG_0860 - CopyAnother beach painting in view of the forthcoming Autumn weather.  Oil on canvas 36 x 36″ Saunton After The Storm. North Devon, England.


Blackpool Beach.

DBA7519D-CFE4-409C-A8E1-0A4A1D8BA07APerhaps a venture into prints. A painting from a few years ago of Blackpool Beach near Hartland in North Devon. Original on the left and the print on the right. Al

78CCC957-2288-4620-AE33-E59AD9F4F86BBlue Pyramid from my Glastonbury Festival series. Looking forward to working there again in 2019.

Sunset Over Ashford.

IMG_E0684 - CopyA move in the right direction technique wise.  Never tried painting a sunset and rarely see a full one now because Pilton Village is blocked from such things.  I’m still attempting to freshen things up and become more spontaneous and gladly this is going that way.  This is Ashford Strand near Heanton in North Devon, on the River Taw.  In the distance is Fremington Quay.  I fished here as a boy and now you can drink coffee at the Riverside Cafe and eat at the Braunton Inn which used to be Heanton Court.  This is oil on 36 x 36″ canvas.  Al



Pyramid Fire.

IMG_0548 copyThe latest in the Glastonbury Festival series.  Oil on canvas 36 x 36″.  I usually work at the festival with the recycling crew and thoroughly enjoy the week but this year it’s sadly not on, so instead of going i’ve painted.  This is a commission piece but hopefully the new owner will allow me to run off some prints.  Al


Summer Reflection.

IMG_0576 - Copy.JPG
Completed oil painting of a reflection seen in a Braunton art shop window.  In North Devon we’ve had an incredible summer, for a change, and this painting hopefully depicts that warmth and optimism.  Painted on canvas and measures 36 x 36″.  Actually a painting of me returning from a cycle ride around Crow Point and the Great Marsh in Braunton. Al

Picture from the 70s.

IMG_E0246 copyJust watched this being talked about on the Antiques Roadshow. ‘Oh this is an oil painting from many years ago painted by a rather odd painter from the west-country called Al Brown. Perhaps 1977ish in what is known to be his rather manic blue phase. I know we shouldn’t but let’s talk price, you say you purchase this for £2.50 at an auction in Exeter? Well you’ll be pleased you to know that you‘ve got a rather good return for your investment. It’s actually worth now, and we’re talking today’s prices, a breathtaking £2.55!’ The BBC camera pans away as the audience gasps!

On a more serious note I painted this oil in my mid teens and it’s resided in an old room.  I discovered it today and took this picture.  Well I quite like this and perhaps I’ve not really travelled on much!  But who knows….Al

Wave Study.

IMG_6023A painting of a wave made in the beautiful weather we’re having at the moment.  I decided to produce a timed study to try and loosen up my work.  Hassled by horseflies and heat I came up with a partially successful composition.  Sadly  I decided to make a few adjustments a few days later and managed to lose the spontaneity and freshness.  It was discarded, the canvas broken and thrown away.  You win some you lose some and you learn!  It’s all part of the stressful  and creative process that people don’t consider when they purchase your work.  Al

Storm Approaching Woolacombe Beach.

P1000810A Sunday spent on Woolacombe Beach and as the sky changed colour the humidity seemed to rise and there became a closeness.  As the sky became dark the sunlight shone through the waves and illuminated them from within.  Taken on my pocket camera and later finished in the studio.  Acrylic on watercolour paper 470 x 620mm.